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Are you new to Padel? Do you want to start playing this amazing sport? Then have a lesson with one of our top coaches; different types of courses to meet your needs, it’s a methodology designed to train Padel players in an effective yet enjoyable environment. 

Davide Tortora

Padel head coach & tournament organiser 

Davide was born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1978. He played different sports as a kid and fell in love with the sport of Padel whilst living in Spain. After a brief coaching experience in Argentina, Davide moved to Mexico to teach Padel to children and beginners. After completing courses in mental coaching and obtaining a Padel coach certification, he opened in a Padel club in Vicenza before moving to Malta to teach the sport. He was the first Padel coach on the Island, teaching the game to Padel enthusiasts.

Santi Antoya Labrador

Padel hEAD coach

Santi, from the football-crazy country of Spain, was drawn to the two sports, but after discovering Padel at age 13, he left football to dedicate himself to Padel at 15 solely. His passion for Padel saw him take up coaching at 18, focusing on adults, children and competition groups; some of his trained players now compete in world tours with their federations.

Juan Carlos Chans

Professional padel coach

Juan’s key attributes as a coach are organising intensive training sessions and helping players develop excellent techniques. With a great personality and highly professional attitude, the training sessions organised by Juan are fun, intense and highly competitive.

Horac Giussani

Professional padel coach

Horac started playing Padel 10 years ago, participating in and winning many tournaments. As a Padel coach, he is experienced in coaching beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as preparing players and couples to compete in tournaments.
Padel is his passion and his lifestyle.

Alejandro Piedrafita Laliena

Professional padel coach

Born in Spain, Alejandro is an international Padel instructor with a Padel MBA and a Degree in Primary Education with a specialisation in Physical Education from the University of Zaragoza.   

Alejandro has coached many students over the years, including Padel trainees at Conecta Padel Club, as well as at the Mayflower School in Chile. He is now bringing the experiences and expertise acquired in Chile to Malta.


Professional padel coach

Former professional Padel player, Ale is a highly qualified Padel Coach who has been coaching in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz since early 2020. He’s now implementing his amazing skills and knowledge as an IK Padel Coach to all levels.

Malena Rodriguez

Professional padel coach

A former Champion of Spain in 2015 and Spain National Team Player, Malena is the first world class female padel coach in Malta.  A Padel coach since 2015/2016 when she graduated from Federación Madrileña de Pádel (FMP), Malena will be giving private and group classes to all levels, from kids, beginners, to advanced players.

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