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Pembroke Gardens

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Manoel Island, Gzira

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Luxol, Pembroke

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Salini Resort, Salina

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Are interested in playing Padel, one of the fastest-growing sports in the world?


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Padel Academy

Our Padel academy is an essential part of the growth of Padel in Malta. Our coaches are professional, highly experienced and are there for you, whatever your level, they can help you improve your game.

It is clear that you do not have to be a pro to join our academy. If you or your kids, simply want a sport in your life, that is fun, that keeps you fit, and that is social, than Padel is the right sport for you and your family.

Padel is ‘easy’ and ‘fun’ and having lessons will immediately promote ball feeling, glass knowledge, technique, and enhance your competitiveness.

Who & why ik academy ?

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IK Padel founders Ivana Kubickova and Neville Arpa introduced Padel to Malta in December 2019, when they built the first court at the Salini Resort under their Padel brand, IK Padel Malta. It became an instant hit, with new players signing up on a daily basis.

As a result, IK Padel Malta has focused on developing great Padel venues in strategic locations, increasing the number of IK Padel courts in Malta from one to over twenty in just two years. Over 3000 players have played on IK Padel Malta courts since the first four players began playing Padel in 2021.

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